Remote Chaos Experience

Three DJ mixes for the rC3 – the 37th Chaos Communication Congress

Like almost every Chaos Communication Congress since the 28C3 I was very looking forward to play at the 37th Congress – the rC3. Because of the pandemic situation it was not possible to play in front of a crowded audience but remotely streamed into the listeners homes.

Two of the three sets I have prepared some days before and they have been played in scheduled time.

High Latency Bass Movement

The first set was my chillout set for the rC3 Ambient Lounge organized by Barbnerdy and mo greens at the c-space assembly. Thank you all for inviting and hosting this fantastic virtual place!

I really love to play slow and relaxing music. It is an experience where people can dive into and either can do other things with a nice soundtrack in the background or have a nice audiophile trip while listening. Because it is meant to be lazy I called it „High Latency Bass Movement“.

This chillout set was played together with visuals from VJ akustoOptik at day 4, 2 am. All sets from the Ambient Lounge will be carefully compiled at the website

Low Latency Bass Movement

For the second set I was asked by the Paradise Kiosk team to play a Drum & Bass set. It is always a pleasure to play for the Paradise. Unfortunately I haven‘t been at the real location yet but it is one of my post pandemic plans.

As Drum & Bass is meant to dance to I called this set „Low Latency Movement“.

This set was played with animated GIFs at the rC3 Paradise Kiosk website at day 4, 10 pm.

Of course behind the organization of this assembly are working many people. My warm thanks for making this possible to the whole Paradise team namely to nalini, josy, jomat, elektro aufs brot, zes and adam allegro von der schnulze!

Maskenball with Generation Unterstrich_

The most exciting set for me was the live gig with VJ Genreation Gästeliste at the very nice hackerspace xHain at day 4. Daniel was playing very well selected video compositions and clips synchronized with the music mood. We had much fun together.

Before all the crew and artists had to be tested for Corona virus with negative result. Nevertheless we all where playing and working the whole time with our face masks on.

It was a live event which happened remotely and we where thinking of how to get an experience like playing with the audience in the same room. So the idea came to have a separated Jitsi room for the audience with a camera and screen in front of us. So it was possible to communicate at least visually with all the nice people in both directions. This turned out to be real fun for all. We have seen so many nice colorful blinking rooms, people dancing at couches in their homes and giving us heartwarming feedback. Very, very much thank you for all this nice reactions!!!<3

For the success of our show we got great support from the xHain crew especially from clx, trial.error, danimo and felix. There was a lovely designed room with light controlled clouds and a LED tree reacting to the music, streaming and video operation support and one of the best stages I have ever played on. Very warm thanks to all in the xHain!

Here is the video recording of the whole set:
Video Generation _underscore - rc3 - Maskenball

Kein Schlusstrich

It was a very great pleasure again to play at this CCCongress even it happened remotely almost without physically contacts. Next year we look forward either to play in a real dance floor again or we will integrate deeper into the 2D world.

Thank you for listening, liking, sharing and feedback!

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